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20 May 2012 @ 03:11
fst extravaganza: chest ache, mental block and a little more!!  

full track list and download link under the cut!

fandom: bbc sherlock
notes: two small separate fsts: one for sherlock, one for john! i tried to reflect their personalities as well as possible using songs that i hope you'll enjoy as much as i do!! both of these fsts feature lovely album art done by jam! she does some amazing graphics, so be sure to check her out :~)
also, you might want to check out the download link at the bottom if you're up for an extra fst...

CHEST ACHE-- A JOHN WATSON FST (download at mediafire)

yann tiersen - c'etait ici

michael penn - walter reed
well there's a few things i gotta say
and make no mistake, i'm mad
'cause every good thing i've had
abandoned me

ben folds ft. regina spektor - you don't know me
if i'm the person that you think i am
clueless chump you seem to think i am
so easily led astray,
an errant dog who occasionally escapes and needs a shorter leash, then
why the fuck would you want me back?

beirut - the peacock
there's an answer for i'm cold again
back in the sand just like those soldier men
and even once i fell down in the narrow lanes

woodkid - wasteland
most of my sweet memories were buried in the sand
the fire and the pain will now be coming to an end
how did you get to save me from this desolate wasteland
in your eyes i see the dawn of brighter days again

portland cello project - taking a fall

moondog - pastorial

MENTAL BLOCK-- A SHERLOCK HOLMES FST (download at mediafire)

explosions in the sky - inside it all feels the same

lemon demon - eighth wonder
extra clever
earthbound spirit
ghost in the form, of a mongoose
and i have hands
and i have feet
i'll never die, i am a freak

perfume genius - look out, look out
look out, look out
look out, look out
there are murders about

black box recorder - england made me
i had a dream last night, that i was drunk
i killed the stranger, and left him in a trunk
in brighton railway station
it was an unsolved case
a famous murder mystery
people love mystery

seabear - cat piano
you felt something
but you're never feeling loved
wind that'll break men
you're the one that freaking lost

jose gonzalez - down the line
i see problems down the line
i know that i'm right
there was a dirt upon your hands
doing the same mistake twice
making the same mistake twice

violent femmes - out the window
life was short
and life was sweet
i was thinking as i hit the street
i could hardly believe
i could scarcely conceive
but i had gone out the window


please tell me if the link has gone down so i can replace it!!

thank you! ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ
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what a catch.: Sherlock: Johnrocketgirl2 on 25th May 2012 03:30 (UTC)
These both look really really great! Thank you. :)